Located beside Gothenburg Central Station, Regionens Hus cuts a striking figure with its green, shiny exterior. The building has large glass facades, and every aspect is designed with environmental sustainability in mind – from solar panels and low energy consumption to recycled office furniture and a pool of environmentally friendly cars. The building has been awarded a gold rating by the Sweden Green Building Council.

The new Regionens Hus is the workplace of 1,500 people in Region Västra Götaland. The building consists of three parts, contrasting older with modern architecture to create a unique and exciting environment. The lower part of the building is made up of the pre-existing Bergslagsbanan railway station building, a historic listed building from 1880, and a new five-storey low-rise part with solar panels on the roof. There is also a new, imposing high-rise part with 15 storeys.

The construction project, which started in 2017, has been planned to make it as climate-friendly and cost-effective as possible. The many climate-friendly aspects include solar panels and an energy target of 70 kilowatt hours per square metre per year. 60% of the office furniture is recycled, the offices have mobile workstations that allow flexible working methods, and employees are encouraged to travel to work by public transport. There are no parking facilities. Apart from a few parking spaces for shared eco-friendly cars, the garage only offers parking for conventional and electric bicycles.

The new buildings cover 22,000 square metres. WICONA supplied the glass facades, which combine a customised WICTEC EL60 SG facade with a WICTEC 50 SG standard facade at street level. The glass facades provide an elegant finish, with large glass panels creating transparency and a view of the activities inside the building. The screen print pattern on the facade gives the sleek, shiny building a unique appearance.

The building has been awarded a gold rating by the Sweden Green Building Council, denoting low energy consumption, a healthy indoor environment and non-toxic materials.


Project: Regionens Hus, Gothenburg
General contractor: Skanska Sverige AB
Architect: White Arkitekter AB
Metal builder: UPB
Photo: Felix Gerlach


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