Green Hall 3 – Brings sustainability and modern technology together

This unique technology building, located in the thriving business district of Vilnius, brings the nature in with its architectural huge glass facades at the same time as it provides a large city view. An outstanding geothermal heating system is used which meets 100% of the building's thermal energy demand. As a result, this eco-friendly building stands for green productivity which minimizes the CO2 impact on the environment as well as it demonstrates the future of green solutions. WICONA has supplied facades, windows and doors.

The 2 800 sq. m. office building with Neris river as neighbor, is a place where modern technology meets durable solutions. By covering the building in glass façades, it opens the room between indoor and outdoor environment. In addition to a SG façade solution, which allows the transparency, WICONA has developed a special pilaster to fit and follow the shape of the 3D facade.


Natural light for well-being and productivity

The shape of the building with its slanting glass facades provide an ultimate daylight as well as it helps to prevent the indoor environment from being too hot. Modern microclimate control system also ensures the comfort and that the indoor air is always fresh which improve the well-being for the employees. During the summer, an active chilled beam technology is used for ventilation and it can be controlled separately on each floor. The distribution of light during the day is ensured by an automatic facade blind control system which moves together with the sun.

Reduce stress and improve creativity

The working zones are allowed for individual works as well as for team working. A recreational island has also been placed in the building for people to rest and collect energy. The high-speed wireless internet covering all outdoor spaces which means you have full availability to sit down in the green park and working. This flexible way of thinking around working places will increase the well-being for people who working in it. It will increase the creativity at the same time as it will minimize the stress.

You will find that the smallest details are focused on ecology – you can reach charging station for your electrical car and for those who travel on bicycle or exercise during lunch time are showers and changing rooms available for all.


Architect:                              ARROW Architects, Archinova UAB

Metal builder:                       Glasma Service UAB

Investor:                               URBAN Investors

WICONA solutions:              WICTEC 50 semi SG solution: SG + integrated pressure plate

Windows:                           WICSTYLE 75 EVO doors and WICLINE 75 EVO

Photos:                                Evaldas Lasys


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