Engineered for bigger and heavier glass panels – an alternative curtain wall from WICONA


WICONA has launched WICTEC 60 NG - a new aluminium stick curtain wall system that potentially avoids having to take a unitised or project-specific approach to façade design.

Designed to encapsulate bigger spans and heavier infill weights, WICTEC 60 NG is an enhanced high-performance façade that will accommodate storey-height panels with a weight of up to 850 kg and a maximum infill thickness of 62 mm.

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The rationale behind the new system is two-fold, explains WICONA Product Manager Lee Parker: “Firstly, architects are increasingly designing larger, floor-to-floor glazed areas that flood a building with natural light. Secondly, more and more buildings are now committed to achieving net zero energy targets, which means tougher thermal performance requirements, often with triple and quadruple glazed units specified. This results in a lot of heavy glass.”

Innovative pin connection system delivers maximum strength

To manage this, WICONA has engineered an innovative pin connection system that effortlessly supports the weight of the glazing infill at the connection between horizontal transoms and vertical mullions. The WICTEC 60 NG also offers a range of reinforced glazing supports that work with the transoms and mullions, transferring the infill weights back to the structure.

Proportionally, the 60mm profile allows architects to achieve minimal sightlines whilst ensuring more overlap of the glass or glazing infill onto the frame for a more secure solution. It also leaves more space around the glass to accommodate frame movements as a result of building live loads.

Elaborating on how the new curtain wall range fits in to the WICONA product portfolio, Lee says: “WICTEC 50 remains as our standard stick façade, but if infill weights or slab edge deflections cannot be achieved, then WICTEC 60 NG fulfils the need.”

A system that contributes to sustainability

Technically tested to meet European Standard EN 13830:2015+A1:2020, the WICTEC 60 evo offers outstanding thermal insulation capable of achieving a Ut/m value of up to 0.67 W/(m²K) - a contributing factor to the design of net zero energy buildings.

What’s more, the system is manufactured using Hydro CIRCAL 75R, which contains a minimum of 75% post-consumer scrap and has a carbon footprint among the lowest in the world: 2.3 kg CO2 per kilo of aluminium - 77 % less than the worldwide average for primary extraction.

WICONA is part of the Hydro Group, a world leader in aluminium solutions. Through its globally renowned Hydro Technology Hubs, the group is shaping a sustainable future, with innovative products that satisfy and surpass customer expectations, in line with demands of CSR and increasing environmental regulations.

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