WICTEC 60EL is a slimline unitised curtain wall system, with reduced sight lines of just 60 mm both inside and outside. The external profiles are mitre cut, achieving a particularly elegant “picture frame” appearance. With optimised thermal insulation, the system leads the way with outstanding Ucw values of up to 0.9 W/(m²K).


System test results / CE product pass in accordance with DIN EN 13830

Air permeability
Water tightness
Resistance to wind load
Impact resistance
Quality assurance
Environmental management
Class AE
RE 1200
2000 / –3200 Pa, security 3000 / –4800 Pa
Class E5 / I5
Certified according to ISO 9001:2008
Certified according to ISO 14001

System technology

  • WICTEC EL60 is a basic unitised system and can be adapted individually to meet specific project requirement
  • The complete units are produced in the workshop, avoiding the influence of weather conditions and assuring a constantly high level of quality
  • Fast, efficient and projectable assembly on site
  • Aluminium composite profiles with excellent thermal insulation, from quality-assured and monitored production
  • Slim sight lines of only 60 mm, for both integral fenestration and coupled frames
  • Mullions and transoms have the same profile depth
  • Reliable corner bracket connections
  • Fast and easy installation on site using a dedicated anchor system


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