Discover our projects, which have used the facade system WICTEC Modul air to enhance their buildings.

Oberstufenschulhaus Horw

The Schulhaus Zentrum Horw, a steel system building from the 1970s, no longer fulfilled the requirements for space, climate skin, building automation, fire safety, etc. The completely renovated and expanded Schulhaus Zentrum now has the Minergie standard, thanks in part to the innovative curtain wall system WICTEC Modul air from WICONA.

Thanks to its technical features and the attractive design the more or less “new” school attracts plenty of attention. On what is now an area of 7,500 m² there are 28 rooms for classes and groups, two kitchens, a music room, a common room and a management room providing space for everything that a modern school with an ambitious teaching programme requires.

A special visual feature of the façade in Horw is the elements which are opaque from outside but transparent from inside. This is due to a special fabric made by the Swiss company Sefar AG (Heiden).

Oberstufenschulhaus Horw

Project details

  • Completion 2017
  • Façade area 3,400 m²
  • 343 WICONA Modul air units
  • Entrance façade as a stick construction
  • Natural ventilation with WICLINE 75 evo ventilation flap
  • Dry air system in the plant room in the attic
  • The dry air is distributed via a riser and then via distribution ducts to each floor.


Client: Horw municipality, Canton Lucerne
Architect: Lussi + Partner AG Architekten ETH SIA BSA
Curtain wall designer: gkp fassadentechnik AG
Fabricator: SOTTAS SA
Photos: Franz Rindlisbacher

ZWEIFEL POMY-CHIPS AG (Extension building)

The Swiss family-owned company Zweifel Pomy-Chips AG has decided to expand their production site for its potato crisps by adding another office and service building. In addition to creating more office space and more room for research and development, the new building also houses a staff canteen and visitor centre.

In order to guarantee a high quality of the interior, the building envelope had to have large glass surfaces and profiles that were as narrow as possible in order to achieve maximum transparency. In addition, the façade system had to meet high requirements in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency, as well as providing convincing solar, weather and sound protection.

In consultation between the client, facade planner and architects, it was decided that the closed cavity façade system WICTEC Modul air was the ideal system to meet these requirements. Thus, 170 units of the WICTEC Modul air façade system were installed in a total façade area of 1,500 m2.

ZWEIFEL POMY-CHIPS AG (Extension building)

Project details

  • Completion 2019
  • Façade area 1,500 m²
  • 170 WICONA Modul air units
  • Entrance façade as a stick construction
  • Natural ventilation with WICLINE 75 evo ventilation flap
  • Dry air system in the technical room in the attic
  • The treated air is distributed to the floors via vertical and horizontal pipes


Client: Zweifel Pomy-Chips AG
Architect: ZSB Architekten SIA AG
Curtain wall designer: Mebatech AG
Fabricator: Josef Meyer AG
Photos: Philipp Funke, Zürich


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