Window door

The idea:
Barrier free access to buildings is a major topic especially in public edifices. For the first time WICLINE evo allows for a barrier free threshold in double casement French doors either with inward or outward opening.

The technology:

  • Maximum opening width up to 2800 mm (double leaf)
  • Leaf weights up to 130 kg
  • CE system tests with high classifications (wind load C3/B3, water tightness 7A, air permeability 4)
  • Maximum thermal insulation due to thermally broken threshold profile and circumferential centre gasket

Advantages in fabrication:

  • Easy fabrication of threshold connection due to pre-formed paarts, only 90° cuts necessary
  • Fittings with DPS (Direct Positioning System)
    Fabrication and assebly identical with conventional windows

Advantages in architecture:

  • Barrier free concept now also possible with double leaf French doors
  • Many opening types (turn / turn-tilt / tilt-first / double casement)
  • Maximum opening width for wheel chairs

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