Method of sealing


WICLINE evo Sealing and insulation technology

The idea:
With its sealing and insulation technology, WICLINE 75 evo sets new standards for aluminium constructions. Special system components for corner and T-connections with controlled glue injection, for profile joints and for the coupling of window units guarantee this high quality in all applications.

The technology:

  • Uf values: until 1.2 W/(m²K) (sash + frame)
  • Uw values: until 0.87 W/(m²K) for sashes, until 0.72 W/(m²K) for fixed glazing
  • Coupling of window units tested with sealing, results: watertightness class 9A, air permeability class 4
  • Special components with defined glue injection for maximum quality in sealing of corners and transom joints
  • Special drainage tubes for highest tightness in concealed drainage

Advantages in fabrication:

  • Cost reduction due to less glue consumption
  • Time saving fabrication
  • System technology for realiably production processes
  • Systems tests for all applications assure safe operations

Advantages in architecture:

  • Reliable production processes guarantee highest product quality and performance in all applications

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