WICSTYLE evo Doors with WICONA Unisys technology

The idea:
The basic design can easily be adapted and upgraded with additional functions simply by adding some supplementary components. The new stainless steel butt hinge can be used in the identical way as the standard aluminium butt hinge. The result is a clear advantage in economy, technology and sustainability.
The technology:

  • Execution as standard door, with burglar resistance (here RC2) or with bullet resistance with the identical system base
  • Choice of stainless steel or aluminium butt hinge, identical for inward and outward opening
  • Posterior adaptations or upgrades are possible

Advantages in fabrication:

  • Improved process reliability due to the same production steps for all applications
  • Identical profiles, accessories and fittings in many applications
  • Simplified logistics and stock keeping
  • Shorter production times

Advantages in architecture:

  • Many opening options with always the identical design
  • Individual choice of equipment and accessories
  • Easy adaptation to design and surface demands


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