Locks and fittings

The idea:
The special WICSTYLE fitting technology fulfills all demands for single and multiple locks, burglar resistance and emergency exits with a simplified and uniform profile processing.

The technology:

  • One technology for differing applications
    - Finger protection
    - Panic latch bolt lock (PZ)
    - Multiple locks Multisafe 855GL Type 11 (PZ)
    - Multiple locks Multisafe 833GL Type 4 (PZ)
    - 4-point multiple locks (RZ)
    - 6-point multiple locks (RZ)
  • Innovative positioning of the locks in the thermal break profile for improved thermal insulation and simplified processing

Advantages in fabrication:

  • Identical profile processing for the lock integration of all types
  • Simplified lock assembly due to milling and direct swrew fixture in the thermal break profile
  • Easy adjustment of the installed leaf

Advantages in architecture:

  • Improved thermal insulation due to the lock fixture in the thermal break profile
  • Perfect design due to special cover plated with flush integration of all hardware components
  • Easy adaptation to further requirements such as multiple locks, panic function or burglar resistance

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