Fire protection window

WICLINE 75FP Brandschutzfenster
The idea:
The new WICLINE 75FP fire protection window completes the WICONA fire protection portfolio. As usual the WICONA Unisys principle is well respected: The design is based 100° on the basic window series and does not change in the design from the standard application.

The technology:

Single sash fire protection window for the application as
- punched hole window,
- window with surrounding,
- fixed glazing or
- integration in a WICTEC 50FP fire protection stick curtain wall
Execution in fire protection class EI30 or EW30 simply by adding accessory components
Both concealed fittings or visible hinges possible
Very good classifications in the CE tests
- Air permeability: class 4
- Water tightness: class E 750
- Resistance to windload: class C4/B4
Advantages in fabrication:

Fabricaton and assembly identical to conventional window applications including all advantages of the standard series
Only limited adaptations for fire protection applications
Advantages in architecture:

No difference in design compared to standard applications
Assured production processes guarantee reliable product quality
Choice between concealed and visible fittings´





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