Transom Connector


WICTEC Curtain wall connector

The idea:
One connector technology for all standard applications, easy adaptation to the infill weights and profile dimensions, simplified and reliable assembly, outstanding and clearly defined joint design: The new WICTEC transom connector sets new standards in technology, design and economy.

The technology:

  • Single or pairwise application:
    - One connector for infills up to 360 kg
    - Two connectors for infills up to 460 kg
    - Two connectors and overlapping glazing support for infills up to 560 kg
  • With or without gap sleeve for clearly defined joint gap of 0, 1, 2 or 3 mm
  • For subsequent installation or transoms up to 320 kg infill weight, with glue injection

Advantages in fabrication:

  • No additional mullion processing necessary
  • The same profile and gasekt options as with the former connectors
  • Two options for the fixture of the connector to the mullion
  • Connector for subsequent transom installation: Fixture in the transom with special application tool and controlle glue injection (WICPRO 2component glue)

Advantages in architecture:

  • Clearly defined transom joint distance with adjustable widths
  • Integrated slieve for improved design
  • Improved glass load transmission for improved freedom of applications

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