Sliding doors - insulated


WICSLIDE 24E is used as a classic sliding window or as a sliding door. Frequent uses include balcony facings, for example. As an insulated structure, the system can boast suitable thermal insulation properties. In the double or triple-track design, structures with up to six leaves and very large opening widths are possible.

The advantages of WICSLIDE 24E at a glance:

  • Compact construction with low profile depth of 34 mm for the leaf, 50 mm for the double-track leaf or 92 mm for the triple-track leaf.
  • Economical construction

Types of opening:

  • Sliding doors or windows
  • Double or triple-track

Technical values:

Leaf weight: Up to 120 kg
Filling thickness: 8 to 24 mm
Leaf dimensions:  Height up to 2,500mm
Width up to 1,800 mm

If you have further requirements we will be happy to provide you with an individual solution.


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