Technology for ideas

WICONA – Technik für Ideen (Technology for ideas) 

With its brand slogan, WICONA is pointing the way to the future. The dynamic effect underlines its claim as the leading aluminium systems company: to offer the best know-how, intelligent high-tech products and perfect service for the creative performance of architects and metal workers.

Turning ideas into buildings.
In future, “Technology for ideas” will be used wherever the WICONA brand name appears.

WICONA has been very successful on the market over the past decades and is now one of the best-known brands in the aluminium building systems sector. The WICONA brand is firmly established among metal workers and architects, both within Germany and abroad, and is regarded as virtually synonymous with “Aluminium in architecture”.

The slogan is characterised by its dynamic effect and forward-looking approach. “Technology for ideas” represents both, the target group of architects with their creative planning services, and the specialist metal building companies who are responsible for the technical implementation of these plans. Planning and building demand a high level of creativity and artistic freedom from both target groups, in order to turn ideas into actual buildings. WICONA supports this dynamic process with its best know-how, intelligent high-tech products and perfect service. “Technology for ideas” also means communicating intensively with customers and business partners. Staff actively listen to the market for suggestions and requests, then analyse these and implement them wherever possible. In this way, WICONA provides architects and metal workers with tailor-made technology, thereby enabling them to plan and realise their ideas as best as possible.

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