WICONA distinguished with “Architects Partner Award”

For the first time the architectural magazines AIT and XIA awarded the „Architects Partner Award“.

Companies with special competence in consulting service and project handling for architects were prized. Hydro Building Systems obtained the award with its brand WICONA.

The questionaire was carried out by the publisher in October 2009 with seven categories. They wanted to find out, which company has the best sales organisation for its target group architects and whose architecture consultants have outstanding competences with a view to the products and their integration into buildings. 1.017 architecture offices named round about 350 companies and 550 architecture consultants. Special technical competences and detailed know-how of the constructional environment are important criteria for architects they need from their industrial partners.
The WICONA presales department obtained this special award as one of the most named companies in the category windows and doors.

Richard Weiß, head of presales department, accepted this award for WICONA: “We aim our support with its wide scope of services at the individual need. It is mainly the direct support onsite where we are winning, for example in constructional or structural-physical issues for statics or the u-value calculation. Here the architects can find a dense network of competent WICONA sales staff, who for example can support in establish-ing tenders. Competence also means for us, support the
architect in handling complicated norms and rules.
Furthermore we offer tools like our online database WICTIP, which simplifies and accelerates the duties of planners. “WI-CONA expresses this philosophy in its new slogan: WICONA- Technology for ideas.
Therewith WICONA points its way to the future. The dynamic charisma clarifies the demand in itself as the leading aluminium-system house: to offer architects best know-how, intelligent high-tech products and perfect service for their creative attain-ments. The Architects Partner Award shows, that architects respect this.