Your benefit: state-of-the-art fitting technology with DPS (DirectPositioningSystem) in two variations:

  • concealed hinges
  • surfaced hinges       


WICSTAR - performance in perfection

It is not just in the WICONA profile systems that functionality, quality and design go hand in hand, but also in the fittings. WICSTAR impresses with its light-weight, economical and rapid processing and installation. The fittings are made up of a mere handful of preassembled components, thereby reducing the time needed to mount the fittings. All components are clampable and can be positioned directly in any order, meaning that time-intensive drilling or opening of the sash corners to access the connecting rod channel is eliminated. The benefits are rounded off by the fact that the fittings are of the highest quality for long-term safe operation and are extremely easy and convenient to adjust.

WICSTAR evo offers exceptional advantages::

  • Fittings with visible or concealed hinges using the same fitting technology.
  • DPS (DirectPositioningSystem) stands for:
    - No opening of the fitting groove in the mitre.
    - Fastest installation of fitting components: position, tighten, done.
    - Fitting components can be installed in individual sequences.
    - Pre-fabricated components for fast assembly and higher process reliability.
    - Using clamping connections for the fitting installation, pre-drilling is not 
    - Optional usage of opening delimiter.
  • Highest possible quality, e.g. corrosion protection class 5 using Nanosil Technology.
  • Simple logistics, using environmentally friendly reusable packaging.
  • High sealing effect, since fittings do not penetrate or break the seals.
  • Installation of components at ergonomically favourable 45 % angle.
  • A visual highlight: Upon request, visible hinge components and handles can be anodized in all colours.

Your benefits:

  • Significant time savings during the installation of the fittings.
  • Increased process reliability and minimized risk of errors.
  • Easy implementation of the architect’s demands or the builder’s requirements.

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