Passive house certification - energy efficiency Class phB

WICLINE 95 meets the strict requirements of the Passive House Institute Dr. Feist in Darmstadt, Germany. Its modular system offers maximum design flexibility for projects. 

The WICLINE 95 window system meets the highest energy efficiency
standards with a frame depth of only 95 mm and a slim sightline of only 125 mm.

The Thermo Frame insulation zone for WICLINE 95 is located inside the rebate area of the window and can be fabricated and installed quickly and easily through an intelligent clamping system. This feature allows adjustment of the Uf-value as required for the building.

The main components of the WICLINE 65 and 75 series are used for WICLINE 95 in line with the WICONA Unysis principle to simplify ordering and minimize stock keeping.

The new ETC Intelligence® thermal break zone through its intelligent material mix achieves passive house class phB and removes the need for foam inserts in the sash or frame profile.

ETC Intelligence® means:
▪ Low Emission foil to reflect heat emissions effectively
▪ Low Transmission insulation strips to keep heat transferto a minimum
▪ Low Convection insulation profile fins to minimize heat lossthrough convection in the thermal break zone

Thermal insulation:
▪ Uf from 0.68 to 0.91 W/(m²K) for fixed glazingwith outer sightline from 65 to 180 mm
▪ Uf from 0.75 to 0.88 W/(m²K) for sash/ frame combinations with outer sightline from 105 to 260 mm
▪ Passive house energy efficiency Class phB,Uw / Uf = 0.80 W/(m²K), with only 95-mm frame depth and125-mm outer sight line for sash/frame combination

WICSTAR DPS system hardware:
▪ High quality concealed hardware components with DirectPositioning System (DPS). All parts can be installed in anysequence. Sash weights of up to 160 kg for concealed hingesand up to 200 kg for surface-mounted hinges

System combinations:
▪ WICLINE 95 is fully compatible with WICTEC curtain wallsystems by using clamping frames

Air permeability: Class 4

Waterproofing against driving
rain :

Resistance to wind load: Class C5/B5
Soundproofing: Rw (C;Ctr) = 47 (-1;-4) dB
Operating forces: Class 1
Load capacity of safety precautions: passed
Mechanical strength: Class 4
Continuous operation: Class 3 (20,000 cycles)
Corrosion resistance of fittings: Class 5
Quality management:

Certified to DIN EN ISO


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