Save energy with light control and sun protection

Making optimum use of natural light is not simply a question of the well-being of a building's occupants; it also has a direct bearing on energy savings during the building’s operation. As such, the demand for natural lighting systems, installed in front of façades, offering optimised light control and efficient shading is steadily increasing.

These systems regulate the amount of daylight and solar radiation able to penetrate into a building from any particular direction. WICONA's extended WICSOLAIRE range makes it possible to adapt light and heat input in the best possible way according to the time of the year. As a result, there is less need for artificial light and air conditioning, which all adds up to more effective energy savings.

WICSOLAIRE shading systems control the heat input from solar radiation and reduce the energy required for cooling. As a passive system, the different WICSOLAIRE varieties may be adapted to meet the individual requirements and architecture of a building, and, in conjunction with WICONA façade and window constructions, achieve an optimum, cross-system solution as part of the building's individual climate concept.

The blades may be oriented horizontally or vertically, and the entire system may be installed vertically, diagonally or horizontally. Various types of blades are available with different contours.
The WICSOLAIRE narrow blades with profile depths of 100 or 150 mm are ideally suited to shading smaller façade surfaces. Special holders enable the blades to be installed at four fixed angles (15°, 30°, 45° and 60°).
WICSOLAIRE large blades may be customised in terms of their dimensions, orientation and installation method to meet the particular requirements of a given property. They may be oriented vertically or horizontally, fixed at any angle between 0° and 45°, or fitted so as to be freely moveable.

For building-specific applications, WICSOLAIRE is available with motorised control and, optionally, with integrated photovoltaic elements, which transform the passive shading system into an active power plant. To this end, aluminium sun-protection blades are combined with photovoltaic elements, forming complete systems that can be mounted horizontally or vertically, according to building requirements or architecture. The WICSOLAIRE PV blade modules (D: 185 mm x W: 1200 mm) can be fixed at various angles to optimise their position relative to the sun, therefore maximising energy efficiency.

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