ETA approval for structural glazing curtain walls and sashes

Transparency, lightness and filigree appearance – this describes Hydro Building Systems' WICTEC 50SG and WICLINE 90SG structural glazing constructions. These attractive varieties of the Structural Sealant Glazing Curtain Wall comprise, in addition to fixed panes, integrated opening elements. WICONA has now achieved European Technical Approval (ETA) for both constructions.

Structural glazing curtain walls have a firm footing in contemporary architecture. WICONA has been successfully fitting SG constructions with its profile constructions for years. These experiences have been taken into consideration in developing the series, resulting in the performance of WICTEC 50SG and WICLINE 90SG.
WICTEC 50SG was designed on the basis of the traditional WICONA stick façade, and, with its structural glazing design, forms a new variety for this series. The supplement with opening elements, which is supplied by WICONA as top-hung sash window and parallel vent window in all-glass appearance, was specially tailored on the basis of this SG-design. The sash can be opened manually or by motor, depending on the customer's preference.

Compared to other constructions, the distinct feature of this façade series is the more cost-effective solution incorporating SG design without stepped-edge glazing, with a patented, unique holder technology implemented in one work process without the use of special tools. Process security is thereby enhanced during the efficient installation process. The holders can be freely positioned in the pane edge composite and are completely concealed. Based on proven technology, the SG glazing can be accentuated with silicon joints, and also combined with alternating pressure plate profiles in various contours or colours.
The all-glass elements, which have now been approved throughout Europe, can be used as vertical curtain wall as well as sloped applications like glass roofing. The large sash formats include up to 1.5 m x 3 m and 200 kg for parallel outward opening sash and 1.5 m x 2.5 m up to 180 kg for top-hung windows.

Extremely homogeneous, large-sized glazed structures can be achieved with WICTEC 50SG and WICLINE 90SG, while at the same time outstanding architectural looks can be created. The WICONA slogan ''Technology for ideas'' therefore also applies literally to SG façades. Standards aside, the most exacting requirements regarding individual project solutions can be developed upon request, in which WICONA's partners (e.g. from the glass industry) can also participate, if necessary.
Furthermore, additional glazing using triple glazing, passive house constructions or fire protection applications can be realised, or have already been successfully implemented. With their extensive know-how, WICONA's specialists are available to support you for all your architectural requirements.

ETA is based on tests and a technical evaluation carried out by bodies appointed for this purpose by the Member States of the European Union. It covers all product characteristics which could be important for meeting the legal requirements in the Member States. Manufacturers holding the ETA have met the conditions for using the product throughout Europe without requiring further authorisation. This also now applies to both of the WICONA structural glazing series.


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