Protected against any storm

Throughout the world, we are experiencing more violent weather conditions and severe thunderstorms with enormous amounts of rain falling in extremely short periods. Windows, façades and doors need to be able to withstand these forces and remain permanently watertight.

To this end, all WICONA construction elements are put through their paces in elaborate testing procedures in order to ensure airtightness and resistance against wind loads, even with large glass surfaces. The testing stations see them subjected to extremely adverse conditions that simulate hurricanes: gale force 11, which corresponds to wind speeds of over 110 km/h, with precipitation in excess of 130 l per square metre per hour. As a result of such tests, WICONA products are regularly certified for the highest resistance classes.

Being weatherproof also means that the construction elements retain their paint coating and structural integrity, even under extreme thermal fluctuations, from the powerful summer sun to icy winter storms. In order to meet all of these requirements, these elements are designed to withstand temperatures ranging
from -40°C to 120°C.

In addition to aluminium's stability properties, an optimal interaction of seals, fittings, accessories and drainage holes is ensured – a result of the holistic approach that is adopted for all WICONA product-development processes.




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