EI30/T30 et EI60/T60

This aluminium door in modular set-up fulfils the requirements of class EI30 and/or class T30/F30 for single and double-leaf doors without the need for fi re protection inserts. Simply by adding these, class EI60 and/or T60/F60 are achieved. A full range of fanlight or fixed top or lateral glazings assure a comprehensive application

Technical performance

Profile technology:

  • WICSTYLE 77FP is approved for the German market, for other countries the national regulations must be respected.
  • Tested according to standards DIN 4102 and DIN EN 13501-2
  • Execution in fire protection classes EI30/T30/F30 without fire protection inserts
  • Execution in fire protection classes EI60/T60/F60 simply by adding fire protection inserts
  • For single and double leaf hinged doors, inward and outward opening
  • Fixed glazings, lateral lights and fanlights possible in many options
  • Identical profile elevation as in the door series WICSTYLE 65 evo and WICSTYLE 75 evo, allowing for a unique design in a building project


  • Butt hinge or screwed hinges in the same design as for WICSTYLE standard series, leading to a harmonised building design
  • Extensive fittings for requirements such as Panic functions, emergency exit seals, electric safety locks, electronic openers, revolving door drive with magnet and bolt contact
  • Big unit sizes possible: (w x h) until 1462 mm x 2990 mm (single leaf), or 2943 mm x 2990 mm (double leaf)
  • Max. leaf weight: until 260 kg
Air permeability: Class 4
Watertightness: Class 6A
Resistance to wind load: Class C3 / B3
Burglar resistance: RC1N, RC2N, RC2

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