Portes coupe-feu

WICSTYLE – Protection and safety

Individually tailored fire protection – in addition to the standard functions the WICSTYLE range of doors satisfies various fire protection requirements. Visually and technically based on the standard range of doors, you can ensure that your building has a uniform appearance and “conceal” the fire protection functions of the door and facades.

Advantages of the WICSTYLE fire protection doors at a glance:

  • Extensive product range which runs from single and double-leaf fire protection doors to railings and facades, and comprehensively covers all areas of safety
  • Streamlined profile elevation
  • Compatible with WICONA standard profile systems
  • Tested in accordance with applicable standards and approved by the building inspection authorities
  • Selection from various fire protection classes, meaning that the right door version is available for any requirement
  • Based on the WICONA Unisys principle: extensive freedom of design, high process safety, cost and time saving, simple product, few tools required

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