Energy & Water Use

Energy Use

Reducing our energy use is an important part of our ongoing efforts to reduce costs and CO2 emissions. Locally in the UK we run an energy reduction programme to lower our gas and electricity use. This programme includes:

  • Ongoing compressed air leakage checks
  • Reduction of compressor running time using a ‘Smart Compressor System’
  • Printers set up on eco-mode with a timed shut down in place
  • Continuous Switch Off campaign in all business areas
  • Investigation of new machinery kWh before purchasing decision is made
  • Replacement of all Warehouse lighting to LED by the end of 2019
  •  Replacement of uneconomic air conditioning unit to have new energy efficient system in place

Water Use

Water is a key natural resource of critical importance to the planet as well as to the entirety of Hydro’s value chain. This includes bauxite mining and alumnia refining in Brazil, to smelting and energy production in Norway, and to the downstream processes in Europe, the U.S. and beyond.

Whilst we don’t operate in areas categorised as water-stressed, we do measure and report our water usage. Our main emphasis is on management of our water consumption and appropriate treatment of wastewater before we discharge it. Water quality continues to be a focus for Hydro, and we aim to develop a water stewardship approach in our management of water resources.

Water Use per £1 of sales

We’re committed to using water as efficiently as possible. Hydro Building Systems UK Ltd monitor our water usage and minimise the demand on potable supplies of water as far as possible. We’ve undertaken ways to reduce our water use and continue to educate our employees to be water efficient. These water consumption reduction actions include:

  • Addition of water misers on all urinals 
  • Water economical dishwashers used on all floors in office and café and are only used when full
  • Low level flush system upgrades added to toilets
  • Push button taps fitted to café toilet wash basins

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