Responsible Sourcing

Our ambition is to be carbon neutral from a life-cycle perspective in 2020. By lowering our own emissions, increasing recycling and helping our customers develop products that enable CO2 savings, we aim to make our carbon neutral goals a reality.

Our definition of carbon neutral is the balance between direct and indirect emissions from our operations, and the savings of applying our metal in the use phase.

Our climate strategy is an integral part of our overall business strategy, and aims at driving improvements and development within the company. This includes reducing the environmental impact of our operations as well as taking advantage of business opportunities to enable our customers to do the same. While some of our production plants or products may have a higher carbon footprint than others, the overall company balance, or the difference between emissions and benefits, should be zero or negative by 2020.

The following information shows the environmental and social performance data for Hydro Building Systems UK Ltd for the year running 1st January 2018 to the 31st December 2018.

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