WICONA Test Centre

WICONA Test Centre – In-house testing to the latest European standards

The WICONA Test Centre is one of the first energy neutral industrial buildings and one the most modern testing facilities in Europe.

Located at Bellenberg near the WICONA Brand Development Centre at Ulm in Germany, this purpose-designed €3.5m facility allows new WICONA products and project-specific façade solutions to be tested in-house and independently certified to the latest European standards.

You can now track the daily energy performance of the test centre and monitor its power generation and consumption levels – see Energy Monitoring at Wicona Test Centre, Bellenberg

Advanced testing procedures and equipment

The testing procedures and equipment were developed by WICONA in conjunction with IFT Rosenheim (Institute of Window Technology), a well respected independent accreditor.

Facilities include:

  • Two façade test rigs
  • Testing rig for windows and accessories
  • ‘Hot box’ to assess thermal performance.

Rigorous façade testing under the most stringent conditions

The façade test rig allows samples of up to 10m by 10m to be rigorously tested under a full range of stringent weather performance and safety conditions, including:

  • Air permeability
  • Static and dynamic water pressure
  • Wind resistance
  • Impact resistance.

Testing for high performance windows and doors

The window test rig is designed for combinations of windows, doors and fixed light glazing with frame sizes of up to 3.6m by 2.9m, assessing air permeability, water tightness, and wind and impact resistance.

There is also a fitting rig to carry out performance tests on doors and windows up to 4m high, and their fittings and accessories.

“To have a facility of this quality that is dedicated to Wicona products and fitted out with state-of-the-art testing systems, reinforces our position as a market leader in façade technology.”

“The centre allows us to continue to develop innovative solutions as well as designs for more bespoke, project-specific applications, and gives us the opportunity to pre-test and pre-certify new systems more efficiently and at an earlier stage.”

Paul Ruddick, Manager
Wicona UK and Ireland

Minimising impact on the environment

The WICONA Test Centre was also designed to be highly energy efficient and sustainable, consuming only 23kWh/m²a of energy for heat and light – around the same as a standard passive house.

Roof-mounted photovoltaic panels harness solar energy and generate sufficient power for heating and lighting the entire building. The surplus 30,000kWh/a produced also provides the operating energy for the test centre, making it one of the first zero emission production buildings.

An innovative WICONA façade solution is integrated with the building services and low energy technology, and is highly glazed to allow most of the testing to be carried out without the need for artificial lighting.

The large volumes of water required for the façade tests also use a closed water circuit to minimise consumption.

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