With its new composite window system WICLINE 115 AFS, WICONA provides architects, planners and fabricators the solution for sophisticated projects with particularly high demands on thermal performance, sound insulation and sun protection – suited for both new build and renovations.

The WICLINE 115 AFS composite window system combines an internal and external frame and sash, creating a cavity between the two which improves the system’s thermal and sound performance without additional measures.

Due to the ETC Intelligence® thermal break zone and its innovative and intelligent mix of materials, WICLINE 115 AFS achieves outstanding thermal performance up to passive house level – without the need for conventional foam insulation inserts, whilst achieving Uw values below 0.80 W/(m²K).

WICLINE 115 AFS – A window system with ETC Intelligence®

Energy efficiency redefined

Due to the patented ETC Intelligence® thermal break zone, windows with a frame depth of only 75 mm can now perform to passive house standard. There are no requirements for conventional insulation inserts as the outstanding energy efficiency is achieved by an innovative and intelligent mix of materials in the thermal break zone of the system, meaning that with this technology, the outstanding thermal performance in a module depth of 90mm is now also possible for 75mm window systems.

The ETC Intelligence® consists of three components:

  • Low emission film reflects the radiated heat effectively
  • Low transmission thermal break material reduces heat conduction in the section
  • Low convection thermal break fins minimise heat losses through convection

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