Sound insulation windows

High sound insulation even when the window is open? WICONA has found a solution for an issue that at first appears irresolvable – the WICLINE 215. A double pane window with the same structural and physical values of a double skin façade. This new type of window combines an inward opening sash with a parallel projecting sash. Both can be operated independently. This construction multiplies the user comfort in many ways: individual ventilation, and automatic control for night cooling assure the best possible room climate. A sun protection device integrated between both sashes not only ensures even greater comfort, it also reduces energy consumption.

Technical performance

System technology:

  • Hybrid window in double skin technology, with all ist advantages: interior manual or automatised sash, exterior parallel outward opening sash
  • Two sashes that can be operated individually, no restrictions in use
  • Integrated sun shading device, protected against high wind speeds, dirt and weathering
  • Only 215 mm system depth, despite integrated solar protection, motor assistance and control system
  • Inner sash protected from burglary or weathering even when outer window is open

Thermal insulation:

  • Uw values until 0.65 W/(m²K) are feasible

Sound insulation:

  • Superior sound insulation level with closed sashes, depending on the glazing; increased sound insulation already with open exterior and interior sash
  • In combination with sound insulation glazing a protection level of 57 dB can be achieved


  • Interior sash with following options:
    • turn
    • turn-tilt/li>
    • tilt/li>
    • double casement/li>
    • E-TecDrive/li>
    • fanlight/li>
    • burglar resistance/li>
    • night cooling
  • Exterior sash with motorised parallel outward opening operation

System test results / CE product pass in accordance with DIN EN 14351 - 1:2006+A1:2010

WICLINE 215 is a bespoke solution which is adapted to each individual project requirement. The respective needs are considered in the project specific testing. For further information and personal project support please contact your WICONA sales office.

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