WICTEC is an overall concept of modern-day architecture that reconciles the elements of heat storage, air-conditioning, light provision and noise protection within a singular façade design.

With our WICTEC Façade System, your creativity and ability to find the best solution for your needs are virtually limitless. From a classic stick system façade to the unitised window and structural glazing facades, with WICTEC you can select, design, produce your personal façade requirements to the highest quality standards.

Due to the systems great diversity and compatibility with the comprehensive WICONA windows, doors and sliding systems, you have an extremely flexible technology at your fingertips. From draft designs to detailed planning and completion, the standard system applications ensure that your individual requirements are met. And if that’s not enough, we even have bespoke design solutions, making sure your needs are met, each and every time.

  • Remarkable system diversity ensures the appropriate façade solution for your next project.
  • Suitable for all building structure types, including 3D designs such as pyramids, polygons, barrel vaults and cupolas.
  • Easily combined with WICONA windows, doors and sliding systems for a unified look and design.
  • Efficiently thermally insulated, burglar-resistant, bullet-proof and fire-resistant designs are available with identical look and a small number of additional parts needed.
  • Easily adaptable to individual design needs and preferences due to profile and design diversity.
  • High-quality system technology has been rigorously tested in accordance with international standards, including the product standard for curtain-walling (EN 13830).
  • The systems are inspired by the WICONA Unisys principle. Extensive freedom of design, high-level process safety, cost and time-saving production with few tools required.

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