Hinged doors

Hinged doors WICSTLYLE 65

WICSTYLE – opening up spaces

The all-rounder among the door systems offers you complete versatility for an extremely wide range of requirements. The WICSTYLE profile systems and the fittings which are perfectly tailored to these offer you a level of flexibility that means you can satisfy both the functional requirements of public buildings and the aesthetic expectations of private clients equally.

Advantages of the WICSTYLE swing doors at a glance:

  • Flexible adaptation to the passage situation: single and double-leaf doors, opening inwards and outwards, also available with panic and push-pull function
  • Visually harmonious integration into the building and facade structure, compatible with the WICLINE 65 and WICLINE 77 series of windows
  • Special front door range for private homes
  • Individual design with door fillings up to 200 kg in weight
  • Selection of different designs:
    • Swing doors
    • Turn doors
    • Single or double leaf
    • Opening inwards or outwards
    • Half swing doors
    • Push-pull doors
    • Panic doors
    • Swing doors with finger protection
  • Flexible adaptation to thermal insulation requirements thanks to a range of system versions
  • Simple to expand with additional functions such as multipoint locks and burglar resistance up to WK3, without changing the appearance
  • Based on the WICONA Unisys principle: extensive freedom of design, high process safety, cost and time saving production, few tools required

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