They say first impressions last – and in the case of homes and offices that applies especially to the front entrances and doors, the buildings “calling card”.

There can hardly be any other component of a structure that has to reconcile so many different criteria. Whether it’s the door to a private home or residence, a large entrance to an office or hotel, a fire protection or emergency exit for a school or college, or a simple functioning door for a manufacturing building; the technically-mature WICSTYLE profile systems, with numerous opening types, versions and expansion options enable you to realise your design needs with tailor-made door solutions for any situation.

  • Remarkable system diversity ensures the appropriate door solution for your next project.
  • A high level of thermal insulation, burglar-resistance, and bullet-resistance is possible without compromising the style and appearance with few additional parts needed.
  • Specialist range of fire protection, smoke control and emergency exit door systems available.
  • Various profile depths available, with and without insulation.
  • Can also be equipped with automatic operation, multipoint locks, fingerprint sensors, door edge gap locks, surveillance cameras and alarm systems.
  • Easily adapted to individual design requirements with a large range of profiles, designs and door fillings up to 200kg in weight.
  • High-quality system technology has been tested in accordance with international standards, including the forthcoming product standard EN 1435-1.
  • Perfectly tailored door system fittings with the highest RAL standard for quality, reliability and durability.
  • Quality-assured and monitored production for profile thermal bond for all thermally-insulated profiles in the three-chamber system.
  • The systems are inspired by the WICONA Unisys principle. Extensive freedom of design, high-level process safety, cost and time-saving production with few tools required.

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