WICONA, brand of Sapa

WICONA is a brand of Sapa, the world leader in aluminium solutions. It benefits from all the advantages of belonging to a group, with the following vision: "Shaping a sustainable future through innovative aluminium solutions". 

The Norwegian group, Sapa, whose head office is situated in Oslo, is the leader in its sector, with 100 production sites in over 40 countries, 23,500 members of staff, 5.6 billion Euros in sales revenues in 2014, over 20,000 clients and 45,000 suppliers. Tightly organised around the sectors of extrusion, construction system design for buildings and the development of precision tubes for the industry, the group creates eco-energetic solutions which help reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate the en-vironmental impact of its activity. The group has industrial facilities that reflect its ambition: 155 presses, 39 anodising plants, 24 coating chains, 21 moulding plants and 14 welding lines - an unparalleled infrastructure. Its position as the leader enables it to make significant economies of scale across all levels (procurement, operations, 
commercial management), ensuring its clients  both a cost reduction, an increase in productivity and an improvement in terms of quality and delivery times. Our engineers also collaborate to provide our clients with expertise in research and development, this is unparalleled in the world of aluminium.

Belonging to the Building Systems branch of Sapa, WICONA is the premium brand in the company‘s portfolio, which also owns the Technal, Domal, Sapa Building System and Askey brands. Belonging to Sapa presents many advantages for WICONA. It offers its clients and partners the guarantee of total financial safety and a lasting impact, whilst the brand now benefits from the international network of its parent company, using its distribution network and having greater capacity to develop its product range.

WICONA shares with Sapa, its parent group, a series of founding principles reinforcing a common culture, such as: putting the client first, a sense of responsibility, an entrepreneurial spirit, transparency and collaboration.

Stranden 1 - Aker Brygge Oslo, Norvège                                                       
Architect: Ghilardi + Hellsten Arkitekter                                                     
Fabricator: AS UPB                                                                                             
Photo: Roland Halbe

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