Window and door systems

WICONA offers one of the most comprehensive and flexible commercial aluminium window and door ranges available today. WICLINE, WICSTYLE and WICSLIDE feature a variety of safety and security options, achieving outstanding weather resistance that can be supplied with a high performance thermal break to improve energy efficiency.   WICLINE WICSTYLE WICSLIDE Logo
With the rigorous demands of modern architecture, WICONA is able to meet the needs of any builder, for new or existing structures. WICONA offers a range of different surfaces and colours, glass, thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as the possibility to customize dimensions to fit your construction demands. A simple window or a door can have many functions and possibilities.

WICONA window and door systems include a full range of high-quality fittings and accessories to complete any design. WICONA product line offer the multi-functionality of windows that can be adapted to any architectural style.