Building visions

With the service life of a building being 50 - 100 years, the constructions of today will always affect subsequent generations. In this context, the project is looking at and working on three main questions:   Building visions
  • What do sustainability constructionsusing aluminium-glass facades look like?
  • Which factors affect energy-saving and user comfort?
  • What requirements can be derived from this for the products and concepts of the companies involved?

“Building Visions” is orientated towards concrete, everyday, economical solutions, continually taking into consideration all of the life phases of a building - from planning and construction through to dismantling.

Whoever chooses WICONA products today will not only profit from technically mature solutions but also from future-orientated product development with an eye to the generations of tomorrow.

  • WICONA aluminium profile systems are constructed in an environmentally sound way, i.e. they are sparing in materials, long-lasting and recycling-friendly.
  • Their complex components have been optimised to meet durable facade concepts and allow far-reaching use of daylight and natural ventilation.
  • Constructions have a long service life but can also be easily dismantled. Additives and composite materials are reduced to a minimum in order to facilitate further use or reutilisation.

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