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Environmental friendly
According to Hydro principles all parts of our organisation shall define objectives and targets in the HSE area and develop an annual action plan to meet the targets.  Various performance indicators individually defined by the units are used.  The only exception is for safety where all units within Hydro use the same standardized indicators. To increase consistency in how we measure performance a generic performance indicator has been developed. The indicator is based on the work performed by EAA to identify sustainability indicators.   Our environment
Elements of sustainable environmental performance
During our internal studies we identified the following major elements to be taken into account:

  • Resource use (energy and materials) 
  • Emissions, discharges and waste 
  • Environmental Incidents 

The indicator demonstrates where each site has it’s potentials to improve.  And it will be possible to compare performance to industrial benchmark if this is available.

The indicator is now verified by testing at selected production sites in Hydro Aluminium.  The goal is to have individual targets set for 2006 based on the experience gained in 2005.

Environmental impacts of Aluminium
We are today operating with emissions, which compared with the global aluminium industry are benchmark. The main contributor to emissions from our operations is stemming from primary production. The emissions from the rest of our production system are small compared with the primary smelters. Our attention to these are, however, equally important for each community where these plants are located.

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