WICONA façades to reflect Olympics in Sochi

Sochi, host city of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, has been witnessing a construction boom. Many internationally renowned architects, engineers and building companies have been involved. Sapa Building Systems, along with their partners, have developed some striking WICONA façades for the new Krasnaya Polyana (ex-Alpika Service) railway station and the Hyatt Regency luxury hotel.

The Winter Olympic Games will be held in Russia this year for the first time. An outstanding sporting event, it is the most prestigious project in the country this decade, and an undertaking of national and international importance. In a few days, the global public will be able to decide whether the desired perfection has been achieved.
The organisation of the Winter Olympics sparked a construction boom in the region around the venue. Estimates of the scope of the investment have been placed at 18 billion, but sometimes even as high as 50 billion euros. New sports venues, the Olympic village on the Black Sea shore, and also a spanking new winter sports resort in the mountains around Krasnaya Polyana, about 70 km from Sochi, have all emerged over the past six years.
Much of the investment went into the infrastructural development of the region. One of the key projects is the new Krasnaya Polyana railway station, which serves the Olympic winter sports area. Construction of the station began back in 2010. The site, about 15 thousand square metres in its entirety, was initially secured by extensive drainage systems and a 357-metre long retaining wall against flooding and landslides. The station buildings stand on platforms supported by pile foundations.
NPO Mostovik, the construction company from Omsk which was also commissioned to build the façades, opted for maximum design freedom and the highest degree of processing security through collaboration with Sapa Building Systems. Within one year they had created sophisticated, functional aluminium-glass façades using special WICONA designs. A classic stick structure was used for the new station, based on the WICTEC façade system, with elevation widths of 50 mm for the spans and 60 mm for the transoms. Large bearing spans could be achieved by means of steel reinforcements inside the mullions. This created intricate façade views, into which opening elements of the WICLINE 75 evo window system and the WICSTYLE 65 evo door range were inserted. Sunshade slats are used for effective shading.
In mid-January 2014, the new Krasnaya Polyana station came into operation with the arrival of the Lastochka high-speed train, as part of an international rail forum in the presence of 1,500 guests.

Luxury behind unitised façades
Glossy hotels and luxury apartments now leave their mark on the new Sochi, wherever athletes and visitors are expected. The Hyatt Regency, the first 5-star hotel in the city, is the dominant feature in the central administrative district, in the heart of Sochi’s historical centre, right along the famous beachside promenade of Primorskaya Street. It is up to international standards, with speciality restaurants and bars, conference centre, spa facility and fitness centre. Business and leisure travellers will be pampered here for the duration of the Olympics and beyond, as guests of the city. The façade design is accordingly spectacular. The floor-to-ceiling glazing of the 171 guest rooms and 28 suites, with areas of 37 to 195 square metres, allows an exclusive panoramic view. The WICONA façade constructions were created by the internationally active metal construction company Aluterra from Moscow. They involve a special design using a modular WICTEC construction method, incorporating a total of about 600 lift-and-slide doors from the WICSLIDE 23 range. WICONA unitised façades were chosen, due to the very tight deadline situation, which is typical of Olympic construction sites, and were completely pre-assembled, unit by unit, in Aluterra's workshops. Here, creative diversity is paired with a delicate look, with simple, low-cost processing. Decorative elements made of expanded metal and/or steel mesh are further features of the unitised façades, and highlight the contemporary architectural language of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sochi.

Facts and Figures

Krasnaya Polyana (ex-Alpika Service) railway station
Completion date 2013
Metal construction NPO Mostovik, Omsk
Hyatt Regency, 15/17, Ordzhonikidze Street, 354000, Sochi, Russia
Inauguration January 2014
Storeys 28
Floor area 69,000 m²
Building height 99 m
Metal construction Aluterra, Moscow

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