Lifting/sliding doors, 60 mm leaf


The special characteristics of WICSLIDE 23 make this sliding and lifting/sliding door a favourite for use as a partition. The construction can be executed with very high leaf weights of up to 300 kg. WICSLIDE 23 is weather-resistant for outdoor use and is very well suited to conservatories, swimming pools and construction projects with large expanses of glass. It can also be used in industrial construction.

The advantages of WICSLIDE 23 at a glance:

  • Double or triple-leaf frames with compact dimensionsof 160/240 mm
  • Increased thermal insulation thanks to leaf profiles with depth of 60 mm
  • High thermal insulation: Uw values of 1.3 W/m²K possible with appropriate glazing, resulting in efficient energy saving
  • Very large possible leaf dimensions for large areas of glazing
  • Simple expansion for burglar resistance class WK1 and WK2
  • Extensive freedom of design with up to 6 leaves, which can be combined with fixed panels

Types of opening:

  • Lifting/sliding doors or windows
  • Sliding doors or windows
  • Double or triple-track

Technical values:

Leaf weight: Up to 300 kg
Filling thickness: 4 to 42 mm
Leaf dimensions:  Height up to 2,600mm
Width up to 3,500 mm

If you have further requirements we will be happy to provide you with an individual solution.


System inspections in accordance with DIN 18055:

Air permeability: 4
Watertightness: 9A
Resistance to windload: C3 / B5
Operating forces: 1
Burglar resistance: Up to WK2