Smoke control doors


WICSTYLE 65N is an aluminium smoke control door compliant with DIN 18095. It prevents the spread of flue gases in an exemplary manner, but without forgetting the aesthetic aspect. With the same face widths and profile elevations as the standard and thermally-insulated ranges, they combine safety features with impressive operation and an elegant appearance.

The advantages of WICSTYLE 65N smoke control doors at a glance:

  • Flush-fitted door structures on both sides
  • Option of glass-separating or adhesive bars
  • Mechanical floor sealing or ramp sealing
  • With butt hinges or screw-on hinges in aluminium or stainless steel
  • Fully suited to combination with profiles and accessories from the WICSTYLE 65 range

Types of opening

  • Single or double leaf
  • Opening inwards or outwards
  • Panic doors
  • Fixed side elements and overhead lights

Technical values:

Thermal insulation: Non-insulated
Filling weights: Up to 200 kg
Filling thickness: 4 to 46 mm leaves, flush-fitted
8 to 57 mm leaves with overlap
Max. leaf dimensions: 1.450 x 2.700 mm

If you have further requirements we will be happy to provide you with an individual solution.


System inspections/approvals:

ABP: P – 281 25260 - ift  RS 1
P – 281 25625 - ift  RS 2