Product philosophy

WICONA Unisys – few individual components, total flexibility.

The WICONA®  Unisys modular system ensures maximum simplicity and time savings when it comes to processing, but also offers total flexibility at the same time when it comes to satisfying the requirements of your customers, irrespective of whether it is a matter of installing a standard fire door or producing a highly complex bespoke product.

The WICONA® Unisys principle ensures consistent processing across all product groups and beyond. A modular construction design enables you to carry out recurring basic processing steps. Standardised individual components that are identical for all product groups, such as corner angles, seals, butt joints or fittings can be combined with one another across ranges. A very wide range of variations and designs can be produced using a minimal number of individual components.

WICONA Unisys advantages at a glance:

  • Process is reliable thanks to identical parts, identical processing methods and identical tools
  • Time savings are made as little time is needed for research, training and production
  • Cost savings are made due to reduced diversity of parts and lower storage need
  • Higher degree of availability of the standardised individual components