Building in existing structures to satisfy tomorrow's requirements

In many contries, more than 90% of heating energy used is required to heat the old buildings. Consequently, a significant decrease in energy consumption and the reduction in CO2 which international institutions and national governments have
undertaken to achieve are only possible if existing older buildings are renovated so as to improve their energy efficiency.

WICONA systems provide you with the optimum prerequisites for this – thermally-optimised systems that call for no design compromises and offer the right solution for any renovation project, thanks to the extensive range of possible applications.

The advantages of the WICONA systems for renovation projects:

  • Special profile shapes, making it possible to align the appearance of the windows and façades with existing requirements, particularly for renovation of historic buildings.
    Example: "WICLINE 77 industrial design" thermally-insulated window construction with industrial design
  • Individual adjustment of thermal insulation to the relevant requirement, for targeted and calculable energy efficiency.
    Example: WICTEC 50 HI façade systems, also available in passive house quality
  • Modular elements with integrated additional functions such as sun protection, ventilation or light regulation, particularly with integration of building technology in existing buildings. 
    Example: TEmotion autarc façades
  • Installation unit by unit, for the renovation of window and façade areas “during operation”, e.g. in office buildings.
    Example: WICTEC unitized façades