Wicona Test Center

WICONA Test Centre – market success through tried-and-tested quality

The functional variety of windows, doors and façades becomes apparent in the wide range of requirements imposed on these components. You must therefore ensure that your intended use meets national and international standards, guidelines and specifications.

Individual tests are required for special structures, project solutions and, in general, requirements that differ from the system tests carried out in accordance with the product standards as part of CE labelling.

The new WICONA Test Centre enables you to test your windows, doors and façades in accordance with a wide range of test specifications, in one of Europe’s most modern test centres.

The advantages of the WICONA Test Centre:

  • We understand your needs. As a competent partner with extensive experience in the testing of system products and project solutions, we are able to support you with this knowledge and expertise.
  • We provide you with immediate assistance. The WICONA Technology Centre with its workshop is directly adjacent to the Test Centre, meaning that any measures required can be implemented on site immediately.
  • We are flexible. Our modular test standards are flexible and can be adapted up to maximal sizes of 10 x 10 m.
  • We deliver quickly and on time. The “inhouse” test rig enables tests to be carried out throughout the year, irrespective of the weather, ensuring that we meet deadlines reliably.
  • Collaboration with the ift Rosenheim. The test facilities have been coordinated with the ift. On this basis, individual test programmes in line with customer specifications are possible, as are tests by the ift as the accredited/notified testing institute.

The WICONA Test Centre test rigs (in accordance with applicable EN standards):

  • Curtain wall test rigs up to 10 x 10 m. Tests of air permeability, static and dynamic tightness against driving rain, wind resistance, impact resistance, bearing capacity in accordance with TRAV
  • Window test rig up to 3.6 x 2.9 m. Tests of air permeability, tightness against driving rain, wind resistance, load with soft and solid impactors
  • Fitting test rig for windows and doors up to 4.0 m in height, sash width up to 1.55 m, various tests, e.g. to determine durability of different fitting types
  • Compression/tension tester for component tests with compression and tension stresses, e.g. for screw withdrawal values and material strengths.
  • Hot box to determine heat transfer coefficients, measurement of insulating materials, validation of material properties and computer programmes

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