WICONA gains the „Intersolar-Award 2010“

Hydro Building Systems GmbH (Ulm) with its brand WICONA was awarded together with further project partners for a novel aluminium façade concept with integrated solar heat collectors with the “Intersolar Award 2010”. Managing director Arnd Brinkmann received the award in the category solar heat at the worlds biggest trade fair for solar technologies in Munich.

The façade collector was developed as part of the “Further Development of Solar Thermal Façade Collectors with Evacuated Tubes in Office Buildings which is being supported by the BMU and is under the management of the Institute for Buildingconstruction and Design L2 at the University of Stuttgart. It was developed in cooperation with Ritter Energie- und Umwelttechnik (collector) and Hydro Building Systems GmbH (façade).
The product development of the collector, which is integrated into the façade, was also supported by additional project partners, Frener & Reifer Metallbau and Metallbau Früh, who provided assistance with the practical details.

The important technical aspects, such as visual transparency, even distribution of light throughout the room, thermal insulation and protection from the sun are uniquely combined in this product. As a result, the CPC evacuated tube collector (Ritter) is an aesthetic and integral component of an office façade system (WICONA). It meets demands in future requirements on sustainable modern office buildings with glass façades, commended  laudatory prof. Volker Wittwer of the Fraunhofer-Institut ISE in Fribourg: “Solar heat is available up to 100 °C for heating and cooling.”

In terms of construction, the CPC Office/System WICONA façade collector is a real system integration, which can be adapted using modules to fit large façades and has a very high degree of efficiency due to the evacuated tubes used, which reduces the cooling load of the adjoining rooms. The collector collects the sunlight in front of the façade and protects the ad-joining rooms from direct solar radiation. Due to the low thermal losses, solar heat with high temperatures (60-90°C) can be produced, which is then supplied to the building through the pipe system integrated into the façade profiles – to heat drinking water and produce heat or provide solar cooling. A slight proportion of the sunlight penetrates the perforations of the CPC reflector into the building, providing even and low-glare lighting of the room and visual transparency for the office users. By making the right choice for the perforations of the mirror, both the solar protection which is important for the office building and the high level of collector efficiency are ensured. The high level of thermal insulation on the glass façade ensures a small level of energy consumption during the heating period. The opening window sashes on the façade make it possible to easily clean the glass surfaces.

"I am absolutely pleased about this recognition for the brilliant work of our solar and façade experts and I take as a very good indicator that our inspiring guiding start 'on our way to Zero Energy Building' guide all of us and in particular R&D in the good direction. I congratulate them," said Lars Hauk Ringvold, senior vice president of Building Systems in Hydro.

“What is thrilling me most is the fact that we are able to reach so high in an area where we are newcomers compared to many others. I’m happy to see that even in the heavily public-supported solar industry, together with our partners we are able to present innovative solar offerings without any government money for development and that the solution when in use will have a very fast payback – also without public support,” said Ringvold.

Arnd Brinkmann, managing director of Hydro Building Systems Germany, who was on hand to receive the award, highlighted "the close collaboration among all the project partners. This so-lar industry, despite its breathtaking global growth, to some ex-tent still derives from a technology community, and I am happy we are part of it."


The awardees (f.r.) Jörg Hieber, architect und project manager (University Stuttgart), Arnd Brinkmann, managing director Hydro Building Systems, Jürgen Korff, managing director of Ritter Energie & Umwelttechnik, and Michael J. Purzer, sales manager of Frener & Reifer Metallbau, were very happy about the tribute from the jury foreman prof. Volker Wittwer of the Fraunhofer-Institut ISE. (Foto: Michael Peter Steffen)