Panel doors 75 evo

Complete system for single- and double-leaf doors, which can be both inward or outward opening. With its smooth rebated cover profile, it doesn‘t just deliver on looks, but its seamless design offers an easy cleaning solution.
Characteristic design using profile covering infills. With this pat-ented solution, WICONA introduces an innovative front door to meet the highest demands of design and energy efficiency. Besides giving the leaf covering the desired visually harmonious effect, this construction also reduces deformation of the doors leaves to a minimum using the bi-metal effect.

Technical performance

Section technology:

  • Leaf profile 75 mm
  • Frame profile 95 mm Classic Design or 75 mm flush-mounted
  • Single-sided profile covering (or leaf covering)
  • Double-sided profile covering
  • Single-leaf, inward or outward opening
  • Double-leaf, inward or outward opening

Thermal insulation:

  • Ud-Values up to 0.78 W/(m²K)


  • Concealed hinges, WICONA invisio system
  • Max. leaf weight 160 kg
  • Max. leaf format (W x H): 1,400 mm x 2,520 mm
  • Automatically locking WICONA autotronic 834P motorised lock
  • Finger scan and remote control (further options available)
  • Integrated concealed door drive system

Test results for product standard DIN EN 14351-1

Air permeability: Class 3
Driving rain resistance: Class 6A
Ability to withstand wind load: Class C2
Operating forces: Class 5
Climate effects: Class 3(e)

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