WICTEC 50 proposes a structural sealant glazing solution WICTEC 50 SSG that enables to create flush glass façades with less visible aluminium.

The infill volumes of top-hung, Italian-style opening sashes or fixed lights are bonded onto an anodized aluminium strip (numbering of batches of strips). A double lip gasket (21 mm) spaces the bonded infills. The mullions will be rectangular with sharp T or I-shaped edges (industrial type).

Openable elements:
-opening sashes will be from the WICLINE 50 E or WICLINE 60 E series.

Infill thickness:
-from 28 to 34 mm and from 35 to 37 mm for fixed panels
-from 26 to 32 mm for top-hung windows

Technical information:

System width: 50 mm
Basic system: WICTEC 50

If you have any further requirements, we will be pleased to provide you with individual solutions.

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