Based on an innovative mechanical fixing, WICTEC 50 SG opens up a new, simpler possibility for the construction of facades made entirely from glass. Designed as a traditional stick system facade, the insulating glazing is retained between the panes. Although its appearance is identical to that of a traditional SSG facade, this technology is faster, simpler and more economical to realise.

The advantages of WICTEC 50 SG at a glance:

  • Outstanding appearance – indistinguishable from classic SSG facades.
  • Basic structure is the WICTEC 50 facade, with identical profile and gasket technology 
  • Easy assembly of the glazing elements on site, without supplementary tools 
  • Simple and straightforward installation thanks to a special patented fastener
  • Execution also possible in combination with cover profiles in various contours

Openable elements

  • Concealed top-hung window
    Wictec 50SG


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