WICONA lift-and-slide door gets full marks in soundproofing

BEB Beirut is located in the heart of the Lebanese capital. Designed by Arquitectonica (an architectural company from Miami), it comprises a 14-storey tower containing 64 luxury modern apartments ranging between 175 and 422 m2.

With a multilingual concierge, 24-hour security and surveillance, VIP drivers' rooms, and much more, the comfort of its future residents is all but assured. The project was designed to meet its residents' every need – VIP drivers' rooms, 24-hour surveillance and even an army of multilingual porters. Not only that, they will also have spectacular views of the sea and the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque. The lower floors contain rows of elegant shops, plus restaurants and smart cafés. Seven of the 13 underground floors are intended for parking.

High-quality construction materials, an energy-efficient design, natural lighting and ventilation are the main features of the building. SBS Asia Africa Americas, which sells the WICONA brand in the Middle East, with its expertise and portfolio, supported its Lebanese customer, Glassline Industries, in winning the bid for this project. A particularly convincing element was the WICSLIDE 160 lift-and-slide door system with its outstanding soundproofing qualities; during tests conducted by ift Rosenheim in accordance with standards DIN EN ISO 10140-2 and DIN EN ISO 717, it reached 47 dB — the best soundproofing ever achieved for a lift-and-slide construction. Described as the ideal solution for large, stylish elements with high safety and thermal-insulation requirements, WICSLIDE 160 is just the thing for urbanite, cosmopolitan clientèle.


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