A complex glass structure

This seven-floor office building that also houses a car showroom on the ground floor has just been delivered to the client, the Jaidah Group.

The company Alu Nasa designed, manufactured and installed the 12,500m² glass and aluminium facade that envelopes the offices. It is a Wictec EL facade made up of 1.5m-wide and 4m-high sections manufactured and fitted with 32mm glazing at the workshop. The team of architects from MZ-Partners chose the Wictec EL system recommended by Alu Nasa as it met all of their design requirements.

Hasan Baig, Technical Manager at Alu Nasa states, "It was wonderful to work with Wicona on this prestigious project. We were really pleased with the finished facade considering the 35 different corner conditions with inward & outward slopes that had to be taken into account. We used the Wictec EL system for all of the upper floors and, for the showroom level facade, we used Alu Nasa's own bespoke design façade. Due to the number of corners and slopes, hundreds of complex geometry corner panels were needed. However, we successfully managed to use the same system for all of the floors without compromising the performance and appearance of the facade. The facade looks flat and provides excellent views from every angle."

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