Enhancing Architecture

The inherent strength, durability, corrosion resistance and design flexibility of aluminum make it the ideal material for the most demanding building applications.

Aluminium is a truly modern material – low maintenance, stylish, lightweight yet highly durable even in its uncoated form; strong, easily formed and recyclable.

Our Approach

We believe in the careful management of the world’s natural resources. This begins with our aluminium production process through to the recycling processes in our own factories.

The nature of aluminium means it can remain in use for a long period of time without the need for additional protection against weathering, corrosion or fungal infestation. When aluminium systems need to be replaced after many years, for example, the profiles will not end up as hazardous waste, but will become a valuable source for recycling. Just 5 per cent of the original embodied energy is needed for the recycling of aluminium.

The Extrusion Process

Aluminium extrusions inspire creative designs and provide technical solutions to improve the efficiency and performance of a building, and there are virtually unlimited opportunities for adapting and shaping façade products.

Optimising design and selecting the correct alloys can simplify manufacturing and generate cost savings. At the initial stage of the product development process, we work very closely with our customers.

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