Window sills - FBS 40

WICONA FBS 40 window sills are multifunctional – they protect aluminium constructions and clinker brickwork or rendered façades against adverse weather conditions and environmental impact. They can be easily integrated into thermal insulation composite systems. 

Various surface finishes, an extensive range of end pieces and profile closures, supplemented by the option to order individual designs, all ensure maximum flexibility. Pre-cut slots make installation quick and easy. Details such as ribbed, anti-slip surfaces and the ift-tested driving rain resistance are typical of WICONA’s exceptionally high material quality.

Technical performance:

  • Projections from 50–600 mm
  • Balcony exit from 150–360 mm
  • Numerous surface finish options – uncoated, RAL, Eloxal, coated
  • Sound-deadening strips to reduce precipitation noise
  • Driving rain resistant exterior and interior corners
  • Extensive range of end pieces and profile closures
  • Expansion and connection pieces for all projections
  • Various holders for static support of the window sills
  • Quick and easy installation due to pre-cut slots of 4 x 7 mm (a=300 mm)

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