New window contacts

As of now, new window contacts for WICLINE window systems with evo hardware groove are available. The window contacts are available with cables in two lengths – 6 m and 10 m – and have the same functional characteristics as the old contacts but are more economical. Please find below an overview with the article numbers of the new contacts as well as the old contacts they are replacing.


The new contacts with a cable length of 6 m are already in stock. The new contacts with a cable length of 10 m should be available as of July 2017. The old contacts will be phased out by 31 July 2017; thereafter the old contacts will be available only as spare parts with longer lead times.

The hardware installation plan for the new contacts is attached and is also available for download on WICTIP. The VdS certificates for the new contacts are also available on WICTIP.

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