WICSTAR Opening limiter

With the new handle-operated WICSTAR opening limiter, WICONA offers sophisticated technology with both safety of operation and real user comfort.  

The user determines the individual opening angles of side-hung windows and casement doors. Simple operation of the window handle locks the sash in any position at angles between around 20° and 90°. This prevents the window sash from being opened or closed by a gust of wind. The integrated end stops at 90° prevents the hinges from being damaged and the sash from hitting the reveal. 

Operation is very easy. Turning the window handle in the locked position locks the sash in the desired position and turning the window handle in the turn position unlocks the window sash. 

Exclusively from WICONA - also as an option for the Concealed Window Handle!

Handle in closed position - sash is locked. Window with concealed window handle. 
Available only from WICONA! 

For further details on the WICLINE product range extension, see our technical documentation at www.wictip.com

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