Smoke ventilation system

NSHEVS – Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems are used to ensure that, in the event of fire, there is a smoke-free area as an escape zone. They achieve this by eliminating a sufficient amount of the flue gas. In accordance with the current European standard EN 12101-2, NSHEVS are regarded as a unit comprising an opening element and an electric motor, with these two components being tested and approved as a whole. WICONA NSHEVS are manufactured on the basis of the standard window systems and offer extensive freedom of design for use in façades and roofs.

The advantages of WICONA NSHEVS at a glance:

  • Remarkable system diversity always ensures the appropriate solution
  • For façades and glass roofs
  • Can also be used as vent sashes
  • Tested and approved with esco drive and fitting technology
  • Very good aerodynamic data and flow coefficients thanks to large opening angle
  • Based on the WICONA Unisys principle: extensive freedom of design, high process safety, cost and time-saving production, few tools required

Possible types of opening and WICONA window systems for NSHEVS:

Inward opening tilt sash/ outward opening turn sash: WICLINE 65
Outward opening top hung sash/
Outward opening Italian style top-hung sash:
Outward opening tilt sash/
Outward opening turn sash:
Outward opening dormer-vent sash: WICTEC 50

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